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Vacuum Pumps – Blowers – Compressors - UK + International

We offer the widest choice of vacuum pumps and low pressure compressors available. All at the lowest possible cost to you. We resell units from leading manufacturers including

Vac-Air Superstore has an international reputation as a leading (UK based) supplier offering the widest choice  of  vacuum pumps , side channel blowers, and low pressure compressors available, all at the lowest cost to the customer.

Vacair supply pump units from all leading international manufacturers, including Becker, Busch, Edwards, Leybold, Nash, Elmo, Rietschle, Orion, Siemens, Gast and many more.

All types of pumps are available including, dry running, oil free, oil lubricated, maintenance free, side channel and radial.

The units we offer are all well proven in many industries, over many years and come with full manufacturers guarantee which if you choose can be extended by one of our maintenance and preventative maintenance contracts for complete peace of mind.

Through our technical sales we can evaluate any application to offer not only the most cost effective solutions but also the best solutions from an application and production/maintenance point of view. Our technical service also means we can offer pump units for applications still in the design process or for bespoke solutions.

We can also arrange Trial Units or Hire Pumps while your requirements are being assessed. 

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