At VacAir we have years of experience dealing with the widest spectrum of applications. From food packaging to vacuum forming to remedial to medical our trained technical staff can help with your application needs of vacuum or low pressure.

We also offer a diverse range of pumping technologies. From Dry Rotary Vanes, to Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane, Claw Units, Centrifugal Blowers, Piston and Diaphragm pumps.

We can also offer centralised vacuum solutions for your factory and bespoke solutions for applications. Our pump combinations can be made using control panels, pressure switches, gauges and tank sets. So we can spend time working with you to ensure that not only do we meet your exact application needs but can add value with our expertise and know-how to recommend a truly great solution.

This means that we have the widest choice of pumps to offer which means that your application is best served with the most economical and efficient pump for your process requirements. Best pumps, best price most efficient.