Becker DVTLF 360 Pump

The Becker DVTLF 360 is a unit which provides vacuum and pressure. It is an oil free rotary vane pump and has a direct drive motor, offering low maintenance and a clean environment.

The pump is easy to maintain with easily accessible internal filters.

At VacAir Superstore we can offer new or used pumps as well as the complete range of spare parts.

Becker DVTLF 360 Performance Table

Max Delivery Volume [m³/h] 50Hz Max Pressure [mbar] 50Hz
300 +/- 500


The table below lists our range of replacement parts available. Should you require a different part please contact us via our enquiry form or better still call our Technical Spare Parts Department.

Replacement Parts Table

Quantity Part No Description
1 G10013 Gasket Set
5 V00029 Vanes
1 F10022 Filter
1 B20057 Bearing
1 B20099 Nilos Seal
2 SS8003 Shaft Seal
12 c87649 Coupling Rubbers

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