Busch Vacuum Pump Vanes

Our History with Busch

Previously Vacair Superstore was an agent for the Busch dry running vacuum pumps with tens of thousands of pounds worth of pump stock consequently Vacair engineers and technical staff have a great knowledge of Busch vacuum pumps.

Its policy for our service team to repair pumps using our own vanes not only at customer sites but in our own repair workshops.

Our Replacement Busch Vacuum Pump Vanes

Our replacement Busch vacuum pump vanes have a long pedigree, we supply thousands of vacuum pump vanes to customers with Busch Vacuum pumps, whether these customers are end users, repairers or even manufacturers of machinery using Busch vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pump vanes

Vacuum pump vane

Our vane material is manufactured to the highest exacting standards, from elements and graphite compounds specifically selected to offer long life, low noise and high temperature resistance with low heat expansion properties.

We can supply any OEM spare parts too for Busch, from vacuum pump vanes and filters to even a pump rotor or body, we can supply it all, and we can offer you technical help from our trained engineers.

All this coupled with our Price Promise where we will not be beaten on price on our replacement products you simply can not buy better.

For a list of Busch vacuum pump vanes check out our Busch Vacuum Pump Vane Table below below or simply call us to discuss your requirement with our experienced spare parts department.

Busch Vacuum Pump Vanes Table

For carbon vacuum pump vanes you can click on the VacAir Code, OEM ref, and Model to check the specific vane you require.

Vac-Air No O.E.M Ref Description Model Quantity
V00200 722000014 Carbon Vane DC0025 8
V00201 722000015 Carbon Vane DC0040 8
V00202 722000016 Carbon Vane DC0063 8
V00203 722000017 or 722524785 Carbon Vane DC0080 8
V00204 722500122 Carbon Vane DC0100 8
V00205 722000050 Carbon Vane DC0140 8
V00206 724118303 Plastic Vane KB0025D 3
V00207 724118303 Plastic Vane KB0040D 3
V00208 722.065 Carbon Vane SD1006 7
V00208(b) 722000065 Carbon Vane SD1006B 7
V00209 722.489 Carbon Vane SD1016 7
V00209b 722.489 Carbon Vane SD1016B 7
V00209c 722.489 Carbon Vane SD1016C 7
V00210 722.189 or 722521014 Carbon Vane SD1025 7
V00210c 722533536 Carbon Vane SD1025C 7
V00211 722522458 Carbon Vane SD1010 7
V00212 722.488 Carbon Vane SD1040 7
V00212b 722.488 Carbon Vane SD1040B 7
V00212c 722.488 Carbon Vane SD1040C 7
V00213 722000016 Carbon Vane SD1063 8
V00214 722000017 or 722524785 Carbon Vane SD1080 8
V00214b 722000017 or 722524785 Carbon Vane SD1080B 8
V00215 722500122 Carbon Vane SD1100 8
V00215c 722500122 Carbon Vane SD1100C 8
V00216 722000050 Carbon Vane SD1140 8
V00217 722.065 Carbon Vane SV1006 7
V00217b 722.065 Carbon Vane SV1006B 7
V00246 722133118 Carbon Vane SV1008C 7
V00218 722522485 Carbon Vane SV1010 7
V00219 722.489 Carbon Vane SV1016 7
V00219b 722.489 Carbon Vane SV1016b 7
V00219c 722.489 Carbon Vane SV1016c 7
V00220C 722533536 Carbon Vane SV1016C 7
V00220 722.189 or 722521014 Carbon Vane SV1025 7
V00219b 722.189 or 722521014 Carbon Vane SV1025b 7
Vac-Air No O.E.M Ref Description Model Quantity
V00221 722.488 Carbon Vane SV1040 7
V00221b 722.488 Carbon Vane SV1040b 7
V00221c 722.488 Carbon Vane SV1040C 7
V00222 722000016 Carbon Vane SV1063 8
V00223 722000017 or 722524785 Carbon Vane SV1080 8
V00223b 722000017 or 722524785 Carbon Vane SV1080B 8
V00224 722500122 Carbon Vane SV1100 8
V00224c 722500122 Carbon Vane SV1100C 8
V00225 72250050 Carbon Vane SV1140 8
V00226 722515895 Plastic Vane R5012 3
V00227 722515895 Plastic Vane R5021 3
V00228 722000270 Plastic Vane R50025 0.75KW 3
V00229 722000300 Plastic Vane R50040E 1.1KW 3
V00230 722000300 Plastic Vane R50040 1.1KW 3
V00231 722000330 Plastic Vane R50063 1.5KW 3
V00232 722000360 Plastic Vane R50100 (RA) 2.2KW 3
V00233 722.452 Plastic Vane R50160 /R50160-202 4KW 3
V00234 722516573 Plastic Vane R50160-202 D Version 4KW 3
V00235 722516573 Plastic Vane R50165 – 205 4KW 3
V00236 722.453 Plastic Vane R50250 B Version 5.5KW 3
V00237 722516729 Plastic Vane R50250 D Version 5.5KW 3
V00238 722516729 Plastic Vane R5255-305 5.5KW 3
V00239 722.454 Plastic Vane R50400 (RA/RB) 11KW 3
V00240 722.454 Plastic Vane R50400 (RC) 11KW 3
Vac-Air No O.E.M Ref Description Model Quantity
V00241 722.455 Plastic Vane R50630 (RA/RB) 15KW 3
V00242 722.456 Plastic Vane R51000 (RA/RC) 22KW 3
V00243 722.456CF Carbon Fibre Vane R51000 (RA/RC) 22KW 3
V00244 722.457 Plastic Vane R51600B (RA/RC) 30KW 6
V00245 722.457CF Carbon Fibre Vane R51600B (RA/RC) 30KW 6

Should you not be able to locate your requirement in the above table please complete our enquiry form or better still call our technical or spares parts departments who will be happy to help you.

We also stock overhaul kits for oil lubricated Busch pumps