Vacuum Pump Filters and Separators

Filtration is a key process in the work cycle of any pump. Efficient filtration and oil separation is a key factor in keeping your pumps performing at there optimum and preventing any failures. Unfortunately filtration and separation is one of the most overlooked areas of machine maintenance and is often the leading cause of a machine breakdown, by ensuring your filters and separators are clean, high quality and frequently changed it will extend the life of your pump.

Common Problems Caused By Old Pumps and Separators

As pumps get older the levels of performance of the pump units drops away. This is due to a number of reasons, it could be pump body wear, wear of mechanical parts like bearings and vanes or consumable items like seals and filters becoming blocked and inefficient.

Filtration and separation is an area that can easily be over looked and your pumps can be compromised through low quality filtration, or filters not being changed when needed.

Pumps can usually be found in low areas of the factory which are susceptible to being in a less clean environment. Also all pumps work at high temperatures which causes more stress on the working parts of the pumps.

On oil lubricated pumps the oil internally lubricating the pump can be burnt away. This causes the oil to lose its viscosity and become thick, if not resolved this can eventually lead to pump failure. The oil vapour or mist caused by burnt oil is exhausted through the unit but it is the job of the oil separators (also known as oil mist eliminators – OME) to filter the oil particles (droplets/mist) from any exhaust the pump is depositing into the atmosphere.

With an oil lubricated vacuum pump it is essential that regular maintenance takes place, this will help prolong the life of the pumps. If separators become saturated then obviously oil mist will be exhausted to the factory and the pump will lose performance, it will also lead to a poor working environment in the factory.

We find a similar situation with dry running vacuum pumps. It is essential to clean and maintain both internal and external filters to keep the pump cool and allow for free flow of air.

Filters not being free and unblocked can lead to a cycle of issues which combine to make each other worse. For instance pumps work hot, excessive heat leads to pump failures, blocked filters can cause restricted pump performance and excessive heat.

How Filters and Separators Work

There are several types of filters and separators in use dependant on the pump type. Each manufacturer like Becker, Busch, Elmo Rietschle, Gardner Denver and DVP have their own oil separators and filters.

Oil Lubricated pumps can have several different types of filters. Oil Separators or oil mist eliminators. These are made from a nylon or polyester media and filter oil mist or vapour internally in the unit before any air is exhausted to atmosphere. Some oil separators have non-return valves internally to reduce noise and help pumping efficiencies.

Oil Filters are a metal filter screwed externally onto the sump of pumps. These filter burnt oil or solids from the oil in the sump. Metal Mesh Filters are also found in the sump of oil lubricated pumps, again filtering sump oil before it is circulated around the pump.

Paper Filters can be found internally usually on dry running rotary vane pumps or claw units. These act as pre-filters so filter any inlet air to stop contaminant from entering the pump. On the exhaust of dry running carbon vane pumps there is a carbon dust separator designed to filter any carbon dust from air before it is exhausted.

External Filters – These are in line filters which filter air before arrival at the inlet of the pump. These can be made of paper, nylon or polyester. These can be found in canister type filters and have BSP port sizes so can be installed in line onto pipework, with spring clips on the canister lid to allow for easy access to the filter element. Generally paper filters are used for dry air only.

OEM Filters – Sometimes original equipment manufacturers can design filters for their machinery which they feel are necessary. For example Heidelberg make printing machines and have large cabinet filters to filter contaminant like spray powder before it contacts units.

If you do not see your pump model or spare part listed, please contact us with your specific requirement. This is only a small selection of the products we have available.

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Paper Filters

O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
909502 F10001 Becker
909505 F10002 Becker
909506 F10003 Becker
909507 F10004 Becker
909508 F10005 Becker
909509 F10006 Becker
909510 F10007 Becker
909512 F10008 Becker
909514 F10009 Becker
909515 F10010 Becker
909516 F10011 Becker
909518 F10012 Becker
909519 F10013 Becker
909520 F10014 Becker
909521 F10015 Becker
909526 F10016 Becker
909527 F10017 Becker
909529 F10018 Becker
909531 F10019 Becker
909532 F10020 Becker
909533 F10021 Becker
909534 F10022 Becker
909535 F10023 Becker
909536 F10024 Becker
909537 F10025 Becker
909538 F10026 Becker
909539 F10027 Becker
909540 F10028 Becker
909541 F10029 Becker
909542 F10030 Becker
909546 F10031 Becker
909548 F10032 Becker
909551 F10033 Becker
909554 F10290 Becker
909556 F10034 Becker
909568 F10035 Becker
909580 F10288 Becker
909581 F10289 Becker
909597 F10036 Becker
84040105 F10037 Becker
84040107 F10038 Becker
84040109 F10039 Becker
84040110 F10040 Becker
84040112 F10041 Becker
84040113 F10042 Becker
84040115 F10043 Becker
84040207 F10044 Becker
84040209 F10045 Becker
84040210 F10046 Becker
84040312 F10047 Becker
84040315 F10048 Becker
84040405 F10049 Becker
84040507 F10050 Becker
O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
532.002 F10052 Busch
532.003 F10053 Busch
532.004 F10054 Busch
532.005 F10055 Busch
532.006 F10056 Busch
532.007 F10057 Busch
532.011 F10058 Busch
532.015 F10059 Busch
532.031 F10060 Busch
532.032 F10061 Busch
532.033 F10062 Busch
532.034 F10063 Busch
532.905 F10064 Busch
532.500.045 F10065 Busch
532.500.046 F10066 Busch
532.500.047 F10067 Busch
532.500.080 F10068 Busch
532.500.081 F10069 Busch
532.000.014 F10070 Busch
532.000.032 F10071 Busch
532.000.019 F10072 Busch
532.000.017 F10073 Busch
532.000.025 F10074 Busch
532.000.080 F10075 Busch
532.000.081 F10076 Busch
O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
71213283 F10077 Leybold
71213293 F10078 Leybold
71035242 F10079 Leybold
71040762 F10080 Leybold
71045118 F10081 Leybold
O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
4500853134 F10082 Mann
4500855124 F10083 Mann
4500953105 F10084 Mann
4500953116 F10085 Mann
4500953136 F10086 Mann
4500953144 F10087 Mann
4500955115 F10088 Mann
4501053104 F10089 Mann
4501255105 F10090 Mann
4501353114 F10091 Mann
4501855104 F10092 Mann
4502153104 F10093 Mann
4502155104 F10094 Mann
4503253106 F10095 Mann
4503753105 F10096 Mann
4504953104 F10097 Mann
4507453105 F10098 Mann
4511555124 F10099 Mann
4512453134 F10100 Mann
4524053111 F10101 Mann
9450045003 F10102 Mann
9450095008 F10103 Mann
C1043/1 F10104 Mann
C1047 F10105 Mann
C1049 F10106 Mann
C1111/1 F10107 Mann
C1112 F10108 Mann
C1112/2 F10109 Mann
C1132 F10110 Mann
C1157 F10111 Mann
C1176 F10112 Mann
C1176/3 F10113 Mann
C1250 F10114 Mann
C13114 F10115 Mann
C13114/3 F10116 Mann
C1337 F10117 Mann
C1362 F10118 Mann
C15120 F10119 Mann
C15124/1 F10120 Mann
C15165 F10121 Mann
C15165/3 F10122 Mann
C1574 F10123 Mann
C1633/1 F10124 Mann
C17225 F10125 Mann
C17225/3 F10126 Mann
C18120 F10127 Mann
C18133 F10128 Mann
C1833 F10129 Mann
C1870 F10130 Mann
C20325 F10131 Mann
C20325/2 F10132 Mann
C21138/1 F10133 Mann
C22115 F10134 Mann
C2263 F10135 Mann
C2263/3 F10136 Mann
C23440 F10137 Mann
C23440/2 F10138 Mann
C24077 F10139 Mann
C24165 F10140 Mann
C24355 F10141 Mann
C24355/1 F10142 Mann
C24650 F10143 Mann
C24650/1 F10144 Mann
C26240 F10145 Mann
C30158 F10146 Mann
C30375 F10147 Mann
C30850/2 F10148 Mann
C30880 F10149 Mann
C31 F10150 Mann
C31/1 F10151 Mann
C31120 F10152 Mann
C32 F10153 Mann
C33920 F10154 Mann
C33920/3 F10155 Mann
C35 F10156 Mann
C37 F10157 Mann
C410 F10158 Mann
C411 F10159 Mann
C42/1 F10160 Mann
C42/2 F10161 Mann
C420 F10162 Mann
C43 F10163 Mann
C43/1 F10164 Mann
C44 F10165 Mann
C46 F10166 Mann
C48 F10167 Mann
C610/2 F10168 Mann
C63 F10169 Mann
C630 F10170 Mann
C64/1 F10171 Mann
C64/3 F10172 Mann
C65/4 F10173 Mann
C66 F10174 Mann
C66/1 F10175 Mann
C69/1 F10176 Mann
C711 F10177 Mann
C77/1 F10178 Mann
C712 F10179 Mann
C713 F10180 Mann
C715 F10181 Mann
C718 F10182 Mann
C718/1 F10183 Mann
C74 F10184 Mann
C75 F10185 Mann
C75/2 F10186 Mann
C75/4 F10187 Mann
C76/14 F10188 Mann
C76/2 F10189 Mann
C78 F10190 Mann
C78/2 F10191 Mann
C78/6 F10192 Mann
C79/1 F10193 Mann
C79/2 F10194 Mann
C79/5 F10195 Mann
C912 F10196 Mann
C914 F10197 Mann
C940 F10198 Mann
C992/1 F10199 Mann
4310067012 F10200 Mann
4304667012 F10201 Mann
4303667113 F10202 Mann
4301867022 F10203 Mann
4301467012 F10204 Mann
4303667012 F10205 Mann
O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
04000028010 F10206 Orion KRS3
04010303010 F10207 Orion KRS5-6
04010304010 F10208 Orion KRS8
O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
731137 F10209 Rietschle
731142 F10210 Rietschle
731143 F10211 Rietschle
731145 F10212 Rietschle
731148 F10213 Rietschle
731158 F10214 Rietschle
734459 F10215 Rietschle
731171 F10216 Rietschle
731172 F10217 Rietschle
731190 F10218 Rietschle
731191 F10219 Rietschle
731235 F10220 Rietschle
730080 F10221 Rietschle
730101 F10222 Rietschle
730102 F10223 Rietschle
730103 F10224 Rietschle
730104 F10225 Rietschle
730105 F10226 Rietschle
730106 F10227 Rietschle
730123 F10228 Rietschle
730500 F10229 Rietschle
730501 F10230 Rietschle
730502 F10231 Rietschle
730503 F10232 Rietschle
730504 F10233 Rietschle
730505 F10234 Rietschle
730506 F10235 Rietschle
730507 F10236 Rietschle
730508 F10237 Rietschle
730509 F10238 Rietschle
730511 F10239 Rietschle
730512 F10240 Rietschle
730513 F10241 Rietschle
730514 F10242 Rietschle
730516 F10243 Rietschle
730517 F10244 Rietschle
730518 F10245 Rietschle
730519 F10246 Rietschle
730520 F10247 Rietschle
730521 F10248 Rietschle
730522 F10249 Rietschle
730524 F10250 Rietschle
730528 F10251 Rietschle
730533 F10252 Rietschle
730534 F10253 Rietschle
730535 F10254 Rietschle
730542 F10255 Rietschle
730544 F10256 Rietschle
730545 F10257 Rietschle
730550 F10258 Rietschle
730599 F10259 Rietschle
730600 F10260 Rietschle
731719 F10261 Rietschle
317856 F10262 Rietschle
317895 F10263 Rietschle
317896 F10264 Rietschle
317900 F10265 Rietschle
317901 F10266 Rietschle
317956 F10267 Rietschle
317957 F10268 Rietschle
317960 F10269 Rietschle
317984 F10270 Rietschle
317985 F10271 Rietschle
318010 F10272 Rietschle
523464 F10273 Rietschle
523465 F10274 Rietschle
730080 F10275 Rietschle
513457 F10276 Rietschle
513458 F10277 Rietschle
515310 F10278 Rietschle
515339 F10279 Rietschle
515340 F10280 Rietschle
515411 F10281 Rietschle
O.E.M Ref New Ref O.E.M
V700140 F10282 Heidelberg Air Box
V730160 F10283 Heidelberg Air Box
V170140 F10284 Heidelberg Air Box
V495394 F10285 Heidelberg Air Box

Oil Separators

New Ref O.E.M O.E.M Ref
OME70001 Becker 06540100
OME70002 Becker 965402
OME70003 Becker 965403
OME70004 Becker 965404
OME70005 Becker 965406
OME70006 Becker 965407
OME70007 Becker 965408
OME70008 Becker 965409
OME70009 Becker 965410
OME70010 Becker 965411
OME70011 Becker 965412
OME70012 Becker 965413
OME70013 Becker 965414
OME70014 Becker 965415
OME70015 Becker 965416
OME70016 Becker U21900160
OME70017 Becker U41000160
OME70018 Becker U41900160
New Ref O.E.M O.E.M Ref
OME70019 Busch 531.001
OME70020 Busch 531.002
OME70021 Busch 531.005
OME70022 Busch 532.157
OME70023 Busch 532.208
OME70024 Busch 532.216
OME70025 Busch 532.221
OME70026 Busch 532.300
OME70027 Busch 532.301
OME70028 Busch 532.302
OME70029 Busch 532.303
OME70030 Busch 532.304
OME70031 Busch 532.507
OME70032 Busch 532.508
OME70033 Busch 532.509
OME70034 Busch 532.510
OME70035 Busch 532.512
OME70036 Busch 532.127.413
OME70037 Busch 532.127.417
OME70038 Busch 532.127.419
OME70039 Busch 532.127.420
OME70040 Busch 53208201
OME70041 Busch 532105216
OME70042 Busch 53222101
OME70043 Busch 531.000.001
OME70044 Busch 532.000.0002
New Ref O.E.M O.E.M Ref
OME70045 Leybold 71212718
OME70046 Leybold 71213158
OME70047 Leybold 71214598
OME70048 Leybold 71405318
OME70049 Leybold 18932
OME70050 Leybold 18971
OME70051 Leybold 18972
OME70052 Leybold 18973
OME70053 Leybold 18975
OME70054 Leybold 20011155
OME70055 Leybold 20011156
OME70056 Leybold 20011365
OME70057 Leybold 20011381
OME70058 Leybold 71064753
OME70059 Leybold 71064763
OME70060 Leybold 71064773
OME70061 Leybold 71232023
OME70062 Leybold 71412870
New Ref O.E.M O.E.M Ref
OME70063 Mann 4900050161
OME70064 Mann 4900050341
OME70065 Mann 4900050461
OME70066 Mann 4900050601
OME70067 Mann 4900050611
OME70068 Mann 4900052100
OME70069 Mann 4900052103
OME70070 Mann 4900052107
OME70071 Mann 4900052109
OME70072 Mann 4900052114
OME70073 Mann 4900052151
OME70074 Mann 4900052152
OME70075 Mann 4900052161
OME70076 Mann 4900052162
OME70077 Mann 4900052163
OME70078 Mann 4900052171
OME70079 Mann 4900052181
OME70080 Mann 4900052201
OME70081 Mann 4900052271
OME70082 Mann 4900052353
OME70083 Mann 4900052391
OME70084 Mann 4900052401
OME70085 Mann 4900054111
OME70086 Mann 4900054121
OME70087 Mann 4900054131
OME70088 Mann 4900054151
OME70089 Mann 4900152110
OME70090 Mann 4900152171
OME70091 Mann 4900152172
OME70092 Mann 4900154100
OME70093 Mann 4900154121
OME70094 Mann 4900154131
OME70095 Mann 4900252171
OME70096 Mann 4900254161
OME70097 Mann 4900354111
OME70098 Mann 731399
OME70099 Mann 731400
OME70100 Mann 731401
OME70101 Mann 730526
OME70102 Mann 730527
OME70103 Mann 730936
OME70104 Mann 730937
OME70105 Mann 730946
OME70106 Mann 731023
New Ref O.E.M O.E.M Ref
OME70107 Rietschle 731399
OME70108 Rietschle 731400
OME70109 Rietschle 731401
OME70110 Rietschle 731468
OME70111 Rietschle 731630
OME70112 Rietschle 730526
OME70113 Rietschle 730527
OME70114 Rietschle 730936
OME70115 Rietschle 730937
OME70116 Rietschle 730946
OME70117 Rietschle 730123